Farm HQ

Goal: Create a prototype tested with real users, to be presented in rounds of company investors.

Context: Case New Holland is a huge American agricultural machinery company. In recent times, it has added IOT to its vehicles and has partnered with big data and geofencing providers. They are looking to collect this data from those sources and presents it to their target users in an iPhone app.

What I did: I worked with a UX researcher collecting user and client information. We did workshops, interviews and surveys. We hypothesize design solutions and then I build low-quality prototypes to test those ideas. I refined, tested and repeat.

Achievements: At the end of the process we obtain a 100% validated prototype with real users.

Wordpress Design
UX Research
Visual Direction
Website Design
QA & Performance

Project info

Client: CNHi via Valence
Role: Sr UX/UI Designer (full-time)
Year: 2023
Duration: 2 months