Objective: Migrate the corporate site from Wordpress to Webflow.

Context: Talkiatry is growing exponentially in the United States and their Wordpress site was giving them a lot of headaches so they were looking to move to a more modern platform like Webflow.

What I did: I did research and schemes to get to know the users and the customers: interviews, surveys, workshops, customer journeys, personas, etc. Then I did some benchmarks, brainstormings and moodboards with the client to define the aesthetic and functional direction. Then I sketched lo-fi wireframes, checking that each page and each functionality meets the agreed objectives (for users and client). Next stage was to design in hi-fi and implement those designs in Webflow. Finally I connected with CMS and Finseet and improved the performance of the page.

Achievements: Talkiatry now has a nice and fast website. The metrics compared to the original version in Wordpress improved significantly.

Webflow Development
Webflow CMS & Finsweet
Visual Direction
Design System
Website Design
QA & Performance

Project info

Client: Talkiatry via Addbutter
Role: UX/UI Designer and Webflow Developer (freelance)
Year: 2022
Duration: 4 months

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